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A Photo Guide to Everything that might Go Wrong with your Laptop

I’ve repaired thousands of laptops since opening Chip & Bytes in 2009. Laptops are getting smaller and more compact (but less complex surprisingly). The basic parts to a laptop, however, remain largely the same. I wish I had a convenient photo guide I could point
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Read this before you spend money on Anti-Virus Software

I now know, after 10 years of doing this, the best way to instantly bury my credibility: tell clients that all anti-virus software is largely the same and ineffective. This statement results in hysteria. The idea that there is no way to be protected online (there is a way which I
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The Decision to Re-Install Windows

In the late 90s and early 2000s re-installing Windows was the go-to repair. The software (I am mostly talking about Windows XP and before here) fit on a single CD facilitating a fast install and frequently suffered from difficult to diagnosis or unsolvable problems. In this
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Separating Virus and Malware from Other Computer Problems

A virus, malware, or spyware infection is the most common false diagnosis in the computer repair world. We work with customers on a daily basis who are stuck on self-diagnosing their computer. We can always help with our Free Diagnostic - but I would also like to help everyone
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Windows past and present to come together in Windows 9?

A commonly requested service at Chip & Bytes is our Microsoft Windows Re-Install Service - although not for the reason you may expect. We have people come in to have their OS re-installed because they have a virus or file corruption, sure, but the most common request in the
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Small Business Package for Carlsbad Tax Preparation Services

Chip & Bytes is proud to celebrate our 5th year in the Carlsbad Village. As we continue to grow and figure out “what works” in the field of technology we are trying to share more and more of our experiences and expertise with our clients. Carlsbad Tax Preparation
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Windows Server Recommendations

Microsoft Windows Server Recommendations, Setup & Transfers $125 per hour

Microsoft Windows Server Setup & Transfers Chip & Bytes suite of services for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 has expanded over the last 2 years. In addition to the commonplace Active Directory, File Sharing
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Free IT Consultation

Free IT Consultation In-Store On-Site We strongly prefer to meet at your place of business to make the most of the consultation. Call to schedule. Free IT Consultation is generally available within 1-2 business days. Free. Covers 1 Hour. Free. Covers 1 Hour.   [wptabs
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Mac Tune-Up $49.99

The Chip & Bytes Computer Tune-Up for your Apple desktop or laptop computer is designed to be the first and most affordable step in fixing your computer’s performance problems. In-Store On-Site Available every day. Includes labor to Tune Up your Mac. Call to schedule.
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Mac OSX Operating System Issue $89.99

Repair errors or issues with Apple OSX Operating System 10.5 - 10.8 on Mac laptops and desktops. 1-2 day turnaround.
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Macbook Air LCD screen

Macbook LCD Screen Replacement

In-Store On-Site Available every day. Includes labor for the removal and replacement of a non-unibody Macbook screen. Not Available. Ask Screen Replacement is one of our most popular services. We can replace your cracked, broken, or non-functional Macbook screen with an OEM or
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Macbook Pro Keyboard

Macbook Keyboard Replacement $54.99

In-Store On-Site Covers the labor for the replacement of one Macbook keyboard. Covers the labor for the replacement of one Macbook keyboard. $54.99 $149.99 If your Macbook’s keyboard has been affected by a liquid spill, has missing, broken or non-functional keys, Chip & Bytes
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Wireless Networking

Mac Wireless Networking starting at $149.99

The Chip & Bytes Wireless Networking Service is designed to get your Apple computers hooked up to your home or small office up and going on reliable, secure Wireless Networking. More importantly, the Wireless Networking Service incorporates a trained technician familiar with
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Mac OSX Format and Reinstall $89.99

Do you have an Apple computer that needs the operating system reloaded or want to upgrade the operating system on your existing computer? Thanks to our new location in San Marcos, CA (and the original in Carlsbad), it is now more convenient than ever to have Chip & Bytes
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Mac Hardware

Mac Hardware Install $89.99

In-Store On-Site Available every day. Includes labor for installing a piece of hardware in your Apple laptop, desktop, or iMac computer. Call to schedule. Includes labor for installing a piece of hardware in your Apple laptop, desktop, or iMac computer. $89.99 $149.99 Have a
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