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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Chip and Bytes staff and authorized sub-contractors are authorized to use computers owned by customers to the degree that such use contributes to the tasks authorized by the customers or are required to troubleshoot, examine, repair or test a computer system or other device capable of storing private or confidential data, or contributes to preventative maintenance on the computer or device. Chip and Bytes takes no responsibility for the failure of any hardware not purchased or currently under warranty from Chip and Bytes even if it fails while in our possession, and no responsibility for any files that might be stored on any hardware.

Chip and Bytes policy on customer data:

By leaving a computer system or other digital device with Chip and Bytes staff and authorized sub-contractors, the customer gives implied consent and unlimited access to all data, private or otherwise, stored on the computer system.

Chip and Bytes staff are required to treat all customers personal information stored on computer hard drives, CDs, DVDs memory sticks, flash cards or any digital format as confidential and are prohibited from viewing, copying, discussing or distributing such data except as needed to protect data from deletion or damage, troubleshoot, examine, repair or test a device capable of storing such data or as required by state and federal law.

Chip and Bytes will act with due diligence to protect the confidentiality of any data left in its possession, but will accept no liability for the loss or theft of such data.