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A letter from a satisfied customer

We received this letter after completing an in-home network repair and system operating system restore:

May 19, 2010

Dear Chip,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did upgrading and cleaning up my computer. There has been a vast improvement in speed from the memory upgrade. Getting rid of five years worth of junk that attaches itself to computers from going online also made a huge difference. The wireless network is running flawlessly thanks to your upgrade of the router’s firmware. And it no longer takes 10 minutes to start up since you replaced the costly (and beastly) McAfee with the freeware anti-virus software.

Not only are you knowledgeable and thorough, your rates are very reasonable for in-home service. The convenience of having in-home service is worth every penny.

I have recommended you to friends and would be happy to provide references for prospective clients and customers.

Thank you again for your time and efforts.


Helene Dashefsky

A review from yelp

This is an unbiased review straight from yelp:

I work as an electrical/systems engineer as my daily function, and I know my way around computers. However, one of the things I dislike doing is data recovery. It is almost the most hated thing for me to do when I am asked to help with computers. It is very tedious and can become very difficult without the right tools. Anyways, I had a friend from Escondido that needed help with his computer because his Windows crashed and he wanted to recover his files and get his computer running again. I told him that there was a shop near him that he could use that I found on yelp that looked cheaper and better than best buy.

He told me that he brought it in to these guys and they quoted him 3 days due to the initial check of how much data he had stored. They gave him options on what they could recover and how it could be returned to him, via CDs or a separate partition when everything was done. They called him within the first day and asked him specifically what he needed from the drive and what he would not mind losing and they were able to get him back and running after 1 day. I was rather surprised to hear that and very happy that they did the job well.

He quoted them as being professional and very courteous. They helped him get his computer back up and running and in a very timely manner with no loss of his personal files and lighter on his wallet. He was very satisfied and I would highly recommend these guys to anyone else.

-Milo M.